St. John's Windish Lutheran Church
Bethlehem, PA

Jacob Gerger and Son - Rebuild 1967
3 Manuals, 29 Ranks

  Great   Swell
16'   Quintadena (Positiv) 16'   Bourdon (Stopped Diapason)
8'   Principal 8'   Stopped Diapason
8'   Erzahler 8'   Viola d'Orchestra
8'   Melodia 8'   Aeoline Celeste
4'   Octave 4'   Prestant
4'   Flute D'Amour 4'   Traverso Flote
2 2/3'   Nasat (Erzahler) 2'   Quinte Flote (Traverso Flote)
2'   Super Octave (Octave)                 2'   Principal (Praestant)
2'   Blockflote   Plein Jeu III
  Mixture III 8'   Trompette
  Chimes 4'   Rohr Schalmei
  Positiv   Pedal
8'   Quintadena 16'   Subbasse
8'   Gedeckt (1-12 Quintadena) 16'   Gedeckt (Subbasse)
4'   Spitz Flote 8'   Octave Basse
4'   Gemshorn (Gt Erzahler) 8'   Quintadena (Positiv)
4'   Gedeckt (Gt Flute D'Amour) 8'   Erzahler (Great)
2 2/3'   Sesquialtera 8'   Gedeckt (Gt Stopped Diapason)
2'   Spitz Octave (Spitz Flote) 4'   Choral Basse (Octave Basse)
1 1/3'   Quint (Gt Erzahler) 4'   Doppel Flote
1'   Sifflote (Gt Blockflote) 2'   Octavin (Octave Basse)
8'   Krummhorn   Mixture III (Swell)
  Tremulent 16'   Contra Trompette (Sw Trompette)
  Zimbelstern (Four Bells) 8'   Trompette (Swell)
    8'   Krummhorn (Positiv)
    4'   Rohr Schalmei (Swell)


The original organ of St. John's Windish Lutheran Church was built by the M. P. Moeller Company, Hagerstown, Maryland in 1916. The instrument consisted of twelve ranks with 689 pipes. The organ was rebuilt in 1951 by Paul Fritzsche Organ Company after a fire destroyed a portion of the organ. About 500 new pipes were added at that time. The most recent addition to the organ was done in 1967 by Jacob Gerger and Son. The instrument was expanded from a two manual to a three manual organ at that time and over 500 new pipes were added bringing the total of pipes to 1,773. The organ consists of four divisions: Pedal, Great, Swell and Positiv. It is the positiv pipes that are displayed in the organ chamber which make up the bulk of the new additions to the organ.

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