St John's Lutheran Church
Easton, PA

Casavant Freres - Built 1974
3 Manuals, 39 Ranks

  Great   Swell
16'   Bordun 8'   Rohrflote
8'   Prinzipal 8'   Salizional
8'   Hohlflote 8'   Vox Celestis (TC)
4'   Oktave 4'   Spitzflote
4'   Nachthorn 2'   Prinzipal
2'   Waldflote   Scharf III
  Mixtur IV 8'   Oboe
8'   Trompete   Tremulent
  Ruckpositiv   Pedal
8'   Gedackt 16'   Subbas
4'   Prinzipal 8'   Prinzipal
4'   Koppelflote 8'   Gedackt Pommer
2'   Gemshorn 4'   Choralbass
  Sesquialtera II                   Mixtur III
  Zimbel II 16'   Posaune
8'   Krummhorn 8'   Trompete
  Tremulent 4'   Schalmei


The organ in the sanctuary of St. John's was dedicated in 1974, after several years of planning and preparation by the congregation and the builders, Casavant Freres, Ltd., of St. Hycinthe, Quebec, Canada.

The instrument was designed entirely along classic lines using the finest quality materials and craftsmanship. Every effort was made to ensure musical and mechanical excellence. The organ is entirely free standing in the rear gallery of the sanctuary.

The four divisions are positioned traditionally with the Swell Organ in the center, the Great Organ to the right, the Pedal Organ to the left, and the Ruckpositiv cantilevered from the gallery rail. The three manual mahogany console is located in the center of the gallery.

The playing action is elecro-pneumatic and the wind chests are of the Pitman type. Chests are made of the finest African Mahogany and Canadian Oak to provide a proper sounding board for the pipework.

The organ tonnally represents classic ideals with classic voicing of the pipework with no nicking and open toes in the flues. This insures the clean, rich, singing sound of the instrument which fills the church.

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