Schantz Organ Company

III/45     1977

Saint Anne's Catholic Church
Bethlehem, PA

16' Quintaton
8' Principal
8' Bourdon
8' Quintaton (Gt)
4' Octave
4' Waldflote
2' Fifteenth
  Mixture IV
8' Trompete
8' Flute a Cheminee
8' Viole
8' Voix Celeste (TC)
4' Prestant
4' Flute a Bec
2 2/3' Nasard
2' Doublette
1 3/5' Tierce
  Plein Jeu III
8' Trompette
4' Clarion
8' Gedackt
8' Gemshorn
4' Principal
4' Koppelflote
2' Principal
2' Blockflote
1 1/3' Larigot
  Cymbal III
8' Krummhorn
32' Resultant (Bourdon)
16' Contrebass
16' Bourdon
16' Quintaton (Gt)
8' Principal
8' Rohrflote
4' Choralbass
2' Octavin (Choralbass)
  Mixture III
16' Posaune
8' Trompete (Posaune)
4' Rohrschalmei


In the latter 19th century, after the boundaries of Bethlehem were opened and enlarged to include peoples of all faiths, the Bethlehem area grew and prospered. A great influx of Catholics resulted in the formation of ethnic parishes on the south side of the Lehigh River and the creation of territorial parishes on the north side.

By Divine Providence, Saint Anne's was established on November 14, 1929 with the Rev. Joseph P. Mooney commissioned by His Eminence D. Cardinal Dougherty to be the founder and first rector. With Father Mooney in the lead, several loyal men of the parish speedily converted an old garage into a beautiful chapel for public worship, the first Mass being celebrated December 1, 1929.

Since that time this exemplary foundation of deep abiding faith and generous unselfish works have been built upon by succeeding pastors and people to make St. Anne's a faith-filled and fruitful parish.

Today the spiritual and temporal needs of the 1800 families placed under the patronage of Saint Anne are being met by the pastor, Father Anthony P. Mongiello, a full staff of clergy and laity, and a large number of volunteers serving a parochial school of 300, a complete religious education and sacramental program, and numerous parish groups and activities.

Foremost in parish life are two daily Masses and five sung Sunday Masses. The church music program includes an adult choir, twelve cantors, and instrumentalists. To fulfill injunction No. 120 of The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, that "the pipe organ is to be held in high esteem in the Latin Church, for it is the traditional musical instrument, the sound of which can add a wonderful splendor to the Church's ceremonies and powerfully lifts up men's minds to God and higher things," the parish of St. Anne installed and dedicated a III/45 Schantz Organ in 1977.

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