First Presbyterian Church
Bethlehem, PA

M.P. Moller Pipe Organ Company - Built 1957
Cassavant Freres Pipe Organ Company - Rebuilt 1970
M. P. Moller Pipe Organ Company - Rebuilt 1977
3 Manuals, 81 Ranks
1977 Moller

1977 Moller

  Great   Swell   Positiv
16'   Quintaton 16'   Rohrbass 8'   Holzgedeckt
8'   Prinzipal 8'   Viole de Gambe 4'   Prinzipal
8'   Querflote 8'   Viole Celeste 4'   Koppelflote
8'   Bordun 8'   Rohrflote 2'   Oktav
4'   Oktav 8'   Flute Celeste II 2'   Waldflote
4'   Rohrflote 4'   Principal 1 1/3'   Quintflote
2'   Oktav 2 2/3'   Nazard 1'   Oktavlein
  Kornet V 2'   Fifteenth   Sesquialtera II
  Mixtur IV 2'   Zauberflote   Scharf IV
  Zimbel III   Plein Jeu III-IV   Zimbel II
  Posaune   Cymbale III 16'   Dulzian
8'   Trompete   Terzian II 8'   Cromorne
4'   Klarine 16'   Petite Bombarde 16'   Trompette en Chamade (Great)
16'   Trompette en Chamade (TC) 8'   Trompette 8'   Trompette en Chamade (Great)
8'   Trompette en Chamade 8'   Hautbois   Tremulant
  Chimes 8'   Voix Humaine    
  Zimbelstern 4'   Clarion    
  Choir   Pedal    
16'   Erzahler 32'   Bourdon Forte (electronic)    
8'   Spitzprinzipal 32'   Bourdon Piano (electronic)    
8'   Gedeckt 16'   Principal    
8'   Erzahler 16'   Bourdon    
8'   Kleiner Erzahler (TC) 16'   Quintaton (Great)    
4'   Principal 16'   Rohrbass (Swell)    
4'   Lochgedeckt 16'   Erzahler (Choir)    
2 2/3'   Nazard 10 2/3'   Gross Quint
2'   Blockflote 8'   Octave
1 3/5'   Tierce 8'   Rohrpfeife    
  Mixture III-IV 6 2/5'   Gross Terz    
8'   Holzregal 5 1/3'   Kornet II    
4'   Rohrschalmei 4'   Choralbass
  Tremulant 4'   Nachthorn    
    2'   Nachthorn    
      Mixture IV    
      Scharf IV
    32'   Kontra Bombarde    
    16'   Bombarde    
    16'   Petite Bombarde (Swell)    
    8'   Trompette en Chamade (Great)    
    8'   Trompette    
    4'   Clairon    


On Sunday, March 3, 1 957, Claribel Thomson, then Organist and Choir Director of the First Presbyterian Church of Ardmore, Pennsylvania, played the Dedicatory Recital on the M.P. Moller Pipe Organ installed in the new sanctuary of the First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem, dedicated just one week earlier. The organ consisted of Great, Swell, Choir and Pedal divisions. There were 49 stops and a total of 3,000 pipes. The total cost was $54,000.00. A larger instrument had been envisioned, but funding would not permit the inclusion of a Positiv division. At that time the Director of Music was Stoddart Smith who served this congregation from 1950 to 1960. Dr. Elam Davies was Senior Pastor. One year later, Dr. Davies and his wife, Grace, presented a gift of Chimes to the Church, in memory of Mrs. Davies' mother and father, A few years later, the Vox Humana from the E.M. Skinner organ in the ballroom of the Eugene Grace mansion was added to the Swell division of the organ.

It was not until 1970 that major additions were made to the instrument. At that time the Director of Music was William Whitehead and under his direction, the Cassavant Freres Organ Company of Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec added a Positiv division of eight stops. One year later the same firm supplied a new Great division of nine stops.

In 1977, Greg Funfgeld, present Director of Music, began discussions with members of the Session and Staff regarding replacement of worn out leathers, repair of certain mechanical functions and tonal unification of the organ. Finally. a decision was reached and the original builder, the M.P. Mo1ler Pipe Organ Company of Hagerstown, Maryland was awarded the contract for a complete rebuilding and expansion of the present instrument. The objectives were: to retain all of the new pipework added by the Cassavant Freres company in 1970 and 1971 and to retain the most distinguished pipework from the original instrument (including the Chimes and the Vox Humana), to replace all leathers in the organ and put the instrument in the best mechanical condition possible, to unify the organ tonally and to provide an instrument capable of meeting the needs of the present Music Ministry in Worship services, accompanying choirs of all ages, recitals and concerts.

After further discussion with our consultant: Mr. Donald Gillette, Tonal Director of the Moller Organ Company, John Tyrrell, area representative of the Moller Organ Company: and Mr. Funfgeld, the present specification and design was agreed upon.

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