Gideon F. Egner Memorial Chapel
Muhlenberg College
Allentown, PA

Holtkamp Organ Company - Built 1983
3 Manual, 48 Ranks
1983 Holtkamp

  Great   Swell
16'   Pommer 8'   Geigen
8'   Principal 8'   Voix Celeste
8'   Rohrgedackt 8'   Hohlflote
4'   Octave 4'   Principal
4'   Openflute 4'   Harmonic Flute
2'   Super Octave 2'   Doublette
  Sesquialtera II 1 1/3'   Larigot
  Mixture IV   Fourniture III
  Scharf III 16'   Dulzian
8'   Trumpet 8'   Oboe
8'   Cromorne   Tremolo
  Solo   Pedal
8'   Copula 16'   Principal
4'   Rohrflote 16'   Subbass
2'   Blockflote 8'   Octave
1 1/3'   Larigot 8'   Flute
  Cornet II 4'   Choral Bass
8'   Fanfara (56 pipes)   Rauschbass IV
    16'   Posaune
    8'   Trumpet
    4'   Schalmey


In the 1960's, the E.M. Skinner pipe organ, which had served the college for 40 years, had become incompatible with current organ requirements and was in poor mechanical condition. As a temporary measure, in 1971 a small Holtkamp pipe organ was installed and discussions continued concerning the placement and funding of a permanent instrument.

In the Fall of 1982, after discussions with several major American organ builders, a contract was negotiated with the Holtkamp Organ Company of Cleveland, Ohio, for a large, new pipe organ to be installed in the south organ chamber. In the early part of 1983 college workmen and the firm of Eisenhardt Mills began the extensive alterations that were necessary for the new instrument.

The most important visual change in the Chapel at the time the pipe organ was installed was the alteration of two (2) of the organ cases, dramatically thrust forward by three feet (3') from their arches. This permits better sound projection for the main body of the mechanical-action organ and preserves the symmetry of the Chapel. The suspended chandeliers in the Choir were removed, opening up the space and emphasizing the beauty of the ornamental, hand-carved altar reredos. Also, new lighting was added to highlight the altar and to provide additional illumination in the Choir.

The organ is the only large tracker-action instrument in the Lehigh Valley. In size, it is more than 1/3 larger than the former E.M. Skinner. The original oak casework has been retained, along with the facade pipes of dull metal. When the pipe organ was installed, the most dramatic change was the display of flamed copper pipes of the horizontal trumpet (Fanfara), extending in three fan-shaped configurations from the southwest case. The organ console, with wooden keys of plum and palisander, is located in the same position as that of former organs. The organ, with 36 stops and 48 ranks contains 2,556 pipes. The stop and combination action within the console are electro-pneumatic.

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