Liberty High School
Bethlehem, PA

Durner-Fritzsche - Built 1933
Fritzsche/Allen - Rebuilt 1999
3 Manuals, 22 Ranks

Allen Renaissance R-330 (left column) with Pipe Interface to Durner-Fritzsche Pipe Organ (Right column)

  Great     Swell  
16'   Violone   8'   Viola Pomposa Salicional
8'   Diapason First Diapason 8'   Viole Celeste II         Vox Celeste II (TC)
8'     Second Diapason                 8'   Rohr Bourdon Bourdon (TC)
8'   Harmonic Flute Concert Flute 4'   Octave Geigen Octave
8'   Viol d'Orchestra         Viol d'Gamba 4'   Traverseflote Flute Traverso
8'   Dulciana String 2 2/3'   Nasard Twelfth
4'   Octave   2'   Piccolo Flute
4'   Spitzflote Flute 1 3/5'   Tierce Tierce
2'   Fifteenth     Fourniture IV  
  Mixture IV   16'   Waldhorn  
8'   Trompete Harmonic Tuba 8'   French Trumpet  
  Chimes Tubular Chimes 8'   Hautbois Oboe
  Tremulant   8'     Vox Humana
  Choir     Pedal  
16'   Erzahler Open Flute 32'   Contre Violone  
8'     Diapason 16'   Diapason  
8'   Holzgedeckt Stopped Flute 16'   Violone  
8'   Erzahler Viol d'Orchestra 16'   Bourdon Bourdon
8'   Erzahler Celeste   16'   Lieblichgedackt  
4'   Prinzipal Octave 8'   Octave Octave
4'   Erzahler Celeste II   8'   Gedacktflote Flute
4'   Koppelflote Rohr Flute 4'   Choralbass Super Octave
2'   Oktav Fifteenth 4'   Flote Flute
1 1/3'   Quintflote     Mixture III  
  Zimbel III   32'   Contre Bombarde  
8'   Festival Trumpet   16'   Bombarde Harmonic Tuba
8'   Krummhorn Clarinet 8'   Trompete Harmonic Tuba
  Tremulant   4'   Clarion Harmonic Tuba


The organ was installed in 1933-34, answering to an invitation to bid advertised by Mr. Clifford F. Frey; Sec. School District of the City of Bethlehem. The instrument installed met the requirement in the bid advertisement for a "used instrument in guaranteed condition". The project was a joint effort by the fledgling Fritzsche Organ Co., (formerly the Durner Co.), Organ Supply Co. of Erie, PA and the Civil Works Administration of Northampton County (CWA).

In 1996, the 75th anniversary committee composed of students, staff and alumni of Liberty, formed an Organ Study Committee in 1996. The committee studied the feasibility of the project and recommended the restoration of the pipe organ begin in 1997. With encouragement from the School board, Superintendent and William Burhardt, Liberty's Principal, the project began. Funding was accomplished by donations for the actual restoration and the establishment of an endowment fund to ensure maintenance and continued performances. The Allen Organ Co. and Fritzsche Organ Co. were contracted to do the restoration and was completed in 1999. The organ received a new digital console, restored pipe work and additional digital voices.

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