First Presbyterian Church
Allentown, PA

Austin Organ Company Opus 2312 - 1959
Harmonic Flute - Added 2000
3 Manuals, 59 Ranks
1959 Austin

1959 Austin Console 1959 Austin Console 1959 Austin Console

  Great   Swell
16'   Quintaten 8'   Viola Pomposa
8'   Principal 8'   Viola Celeste
8'   Bourdon 8'   Rohrflote
8'   Harmonic Flute (2000) 8'   Flauto Dolce
4'   Principal 8'   Flauto Celeste
4'   Prestant 4'   Principal
4'   Spitzflote 4'   Koppelflote
2 2/3'   Quint 2'   Doublette
2'   Principal   Sesquialtera (12-17) II
  Fourniture (15-19-22-26) IV-VI                   Plein Jeu (19-22-26-29) IV
  Scharf (26-29-33-36) IV 16'   Fagot (1/2 length)
8'   Trumpet 8'   Trompette
  Chimes 8'   Hautbois
  Cymbelstern 4'   Clarion
    8'   Vox Humana (Fan Tremulant)
      Tremulant (Valve Tremulant)
  Positiv (Enclosed)   Pedal
8'   Nason Flute 32'   Untersatz
8'   Gemshorn 16'   Principal
8'   Gemshom Celeste 16'   Bourdon
4'   Principal 16'   Quintaten (Gt)
4'   Rohrpfeife 16'   Gedeckt
2 2/3'   Nazard 8'   Principal
2'   Oktav 8'   Gedeckt
2'   Blockflote 8'   Rohrflote (Sw)
1 3/5'   Terz 4'   Principal
1 1/3'   Quint 4'   Gedeckt Flote
1'   Oktavlein 2'   Principal
  Scharf (22-26-29) III 2'   Nachthorn
  Cymbal (33-36) II   Mixture (19-22-26) III
16'   Rankett   Cymbal (29-33-36) III
8'   Regal 32'   Posaune
4'   Rohrschalmei 16'   Posaune
8'   Trumpet (Gt) 16'   Fagot (Sw)
  Tremulant (Valve Tremolo) 16'   Rankett (Pos)
    8'   Posaune
    4'   Rohrschalmei (Pos)


For 170 years, the First Presbyterian Church of Allentown has offered a vital ministry to the spiritual and social needs of the people of the Lehigh Valley and beyond. The congregation was formally established September 30, 1831 and was distinctive in its day as the first church to offer services in English in contrast to the German-language services of other local congregations. The site of the original facility at Fifth and Court Streets in downtown Allentown became too small and further expansion was impossible, resulting in the congregation relocating to the present site at Tilghman Street and Cedar Crest Boulevard in December, 1958. The former downtown site, is now the home of the Allentown Art Museum. The ministry of the congregation continued to flourish at the new site which is reflected in additions to the building in 1979, 1989 and 2000.

The congregation of First Presbyterian is characterized by a deep Christian faith, a commitment to strong worship, a dedication to Christian education and a devotion to mission in the community and beyond. The music program of the congregation includes five vocal choirs, four handbell ensembles and an extensive concert series. The congregation has established an outstanding reputation for its support and devotion to music and the arts in the church.

In the sanctuary, Austin Organ, Opus 2312, is an outstanding example of the Neo-Baroque style of organ building of the late 1950's. The organ was installed in the spring of 1959, features three manuals, 59 ranks and provides a substantial ensemble of immense color and dynamic diversity. Several changes have been made to the original organ, but the only addition to the original sound has been the installation of the Harmonique Flute to the Great division in 2000. Other changes involved the installation of a solid-state capture system and recent releathering of all actions.

In the chapel, a 1989 Allen Classic-I provides adequate support for numerous services of worship, as well as weddings and funerals.

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